Industrial design
Year: 2019
Technology: Rhinoceros, Keyshot
Categories: Industrial Design


Loneliness in the elderly is a very common topic all over the world. Statistically, in Italy, 5 million elderly people live alone and have little contact with society. These people suffer from a problem that is largely due to the unequal distribution in the access and use of information technologies, which causes this social group to be excluded from society and feel less and less part of it. 

This term is known as the “Digital Divide”, focusing specifically on the elderly. Through the use of an intelligent device, the elderly person is stimulated to rediscover activities that do not enclose them within the walls of their own home. To converge in one place with other users who share similar interests and are in the same situation. Achieve socialization with each other, providing a new motivation to leave the house.

For the optimal choice of the external finishes, it was decided to carry out tests of textures and materials working together with real users, thus obtaining an adequate selection of textures that are more pleasant to the touch, since in interaction, great importance is given to the touch and behaviors and their effects. 3D printing was also used for prototyping for the main body of the large device and the wearable device.

The system is made up of a central robot, this has audio and tactile receivers which, once activated by the user, will respond by emitting sounds, lights and movements, to transmit what he wants and thus obtain the exchange of information with the user. Through this collection of information, the robot creates a profile with the person’s interests, which allows it to suggest activities and events that happen daily in the surrounding environment in order to motivate the user to leave the house.


Tip is a Social Robot dedicated to assisting and actively integrating elderly people into society. Through the use of an intelligent device, the elderly person is therefore stimulated to rediscover activities that do not confine him within the home, to combat that social isolation often inherent in the last phase of a person’s life.