Industrial design, product design
Year: 2022
Technology: Rhinoceros, Keyshot
Categories: Industrial, Product


Ria is the result of my degree thesis masterful. This is the design of a wearable device you use FES rehabilitation technology. The concept is to make the stimulation not an activity substitute, but an activity that facilitates the voluntary command and that “remembers” al brain how to increase command voluntary directed to the muscle.

The project aims to encourage the use of the parental limb in household chores, increase the patient’s motivation, make him autonomous and rehabilitate the limb through the use of FES technology.

Through the website, the user can customize the parameters of the piece useful for the interlocking of his tools. He can also decide whether to download the .stl file and proceed with 3D printing independently or whether to request that the piece be delivered to his home already printed.


In Italy, stroke is the first cause of disability, the third cause of death and about 200,000 cases are recorded every year. Stroke is a cerebrovascular injury caused by interruption of blood flow to the brain due to a blockage or rupture of an artery. The chosen technology is functional surface electro-stimulation (FES) due to its many advantages including ease of application, non-invasiveness, reduced costs.