Industrial Design, UI UX Design
Year: 2020
Technology: Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Keyshot, XD
Categories: Industrial Design, UI UX Design


Mýti is a system of devices capable, through the e-nose technology, of recognizing odors that are a symptom of danger or discomfort for the user suffering from anosmia. The system includes a life-saving inhaler and an application capable of monitoring and controlling the drugs purchased to prevent any intake of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), the main cause of asthma attacks in patients with Widal’s Syndrome.

The system is mainly composed of three devices: room totem, food device and hygiene device.

Environment Totem

The totem is the device dedicated to the smells of the environment. Positioned in a strategic place in the home, it detects odors in the air thanks to e-nose technology. The totem serves as a housing for the life-saving inhaler for unblocking the airways in the event of asthma attacks.

The totem communicates with the user through a sound notification, a light notification through the appropriate LED strip positioned on it and a notification directly on the smartphone.

Food Device

The food device is dedicated to the smells of fresh food. Those suffering from anosmia are often at risk of food poisoning as they are unaware of the quality of the food since vision is not a useful sense for identifying spoiled food. The food device detects the quality of the food and communicates it to the user.

Hygiene Device

The hygiene device is dedicated to the smells of personal hygiene. Those with anosmia suffer from severe anxiety due to the inability to smell themselves. The hygiene device detects odor and communicates its good or bad smell.

3D Model

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