De novo

Graphic Design, UI UX Design
Year: 2019
Technology: Illustator, Photoshop, Keyshot
Categories: Graphic Design, UI UX Design


De novo is a traveling exhibition that begins in the houses of the inhabitants and ends in the former Church of Santa Marta. Rediscover what is hidden, enhancing unexpressed potential, telling the stories and works of these artists, while also rediscovering the Santa Marta district at the same time, is the Denovo project. A place that can foster the formation of a community of citizens. 

The first approach to Denovo takes place through the box that will serve as an exhibition to do at home with the discovery of the arts through the various editions of the catalogue.

Through the catalog you will discover the lives of the artists of Santa Marta. Four artists will be presented for each publication, one for each category: literature, visual arts, entertainment and crafts.

Exhibition at the Church of Santa Marta: an opportunity for artists and the community to meet