my Story

Born and raised in Palermo, Sicily, my education has brought from the Linguistic High School to the University of Palermo where I graduated in Industrial Design in 2019. In 2018 I won the Erasmus+ programme and so I had the opportunity to live for six months in Viana do Castelo, in Portugal, where I was able to broaden my horizons and know new aspects of design such as, for example, design in collaboration with artisans and the reuse of waste materials. Thanks to this experience I have also expanded my knowledge of the English and Portuguese languages. Travel has always been a great inspiration. Immediately after graduating, I enrolled at the University IUAV in Venice where I approached design with two factors: the classic one, with raw materials and the modern one with technological equipment, also working on prototyping  3D printing and electronics with Arduino. In may 2022 I obtained my master’s degree in Product Design and Visual Communication presenting a product as a thesis of medical design. Thanks to this thesis I had the opportunity to attend an international conference presenting the paper winner of a publication in the IATED library. After graduation I moved to Lisbon, Portugal, for a traineeship at Babled Design Studio where I could relate with very different  clients. I had the opportunity to present concepts for well-known clients of the studio like Venini.

For now I’m back to live and work in my beautiful land, Sicily